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Damion Norris
Damion N.
17:09 23 Apr 24
Danny was extremely professional and had excellent communication skills!!
Sarah Hammond
Sarah H.
05:00 23 Apr 24
Danny P is the most amazing tow truck driver I have ever ever met. He towed my vehicle today jumped my vehicle and made sure it had gas in it before he left. He showed up fast with a smile on his face had the most amazing attitude all around great experience AAA you could not have a better tow truck driver.
Mitchell Henry
Mitchell H.
13:40 19 Apr 24
Had a dead battery in a parking lot, and AAA got me through to Rescue Rangers to get me a new battery. Not only were they super quick to get there, Austin was incredibly helpful and efficient with getting my new battery installed. Admittedly, I'm not the most knowledgeable about cars and Austin explained how everything worked as he fixed me up. Couldn't recommend them enough. Thank you for getting me back on the road in like, less than an hour!
Amber Scales
Amber S.
16:53 17 Apr 24
Danny P. rescued me and I could not have asked for a better person during this time. I was in a parking lot on Bardstown Road due to my break line busting while on my way to work. I called for my car to be towed and that day I met one of the most genuine, kind and compassionate people I have ever came in contact with. Danny made sure that I understood the entire process and I rode with him to the auto shop to drop my car off. At the beginning of this day I had never seen Danny P, however, by the end of it I felt like I had met a friend that I could always count on. I truly believe this was a moment sent from above and I will forever be grateful for Danny P!
Tiera Shivers
Tiera S.
17:59 11 Apr 24
Danny P’s service was awesome! It was a pleasure working with him. He made sure I was squared away on my tow. 10/10 will be back again. Thank you Rescue Rangers Towing!
Karen vanAssenderp
Karen V.
10:59 05 Apr 24
Danny P rescued us from the freeway at night when our tire went flat. He was very caring, polite, friendly, professional and efficient. I have only good to say about him. My concern/question is that I asked for a tow, not a tire change, when I called AAA and when I spoke to the Rescue Ranger dispatcher. Danny said he was there to change the tire. After some discussion, we unloaded my fully packed car onto the side of the freeway, located the spare, changed the tire, repacked the car, traveled to the nearest service station for air (the tow truck did not have air), couldn’t get their pump to work, and then got towed to my home….like I’d requested in the first place!I was grateful to be home safely but wish I’d been towed from the start.
Megan Gonterman
Megan G.
22:12 31 Mar 24
Absolutely loved and appreciated my experience with this company. After hearing we were on the side of the highway our driver, Daniel Pantoja was there in a flash. He was very sweet and caring and went above and beyond. I will be forever greatful.
Janay Davis
Janay D.
15:08 30 Mar 24
Danny P helped make a stressful experience 100 times better he has an amazing attitude and personality and he cares about the work he does thanks to his expertise I had an amazing experience
ashok raj
ashok R.
16:54 28 Mar 24
Russell is absolutely fantastic. When I needed emergency towing through AAA, he responded promptly, ensuring my well-being and efficiently completing the challenging towing process from the narrow shoulder of a busy interstate to the service location. His great personality shines through, embodying the qualities of someone willing to go above and beyond to help others in the most professional manner!
Connie Crawley
Connie C.
20:18 27 Mar 24
Danny P was awesome! He came to our rescue when I hit a curb and busted the oil pan in my car. We have curved drive way and he backed the car in with the tow truck with no problem whatsoever. He's a great guy, very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We couldn't have asked for anyone better in our need.
Misty Powell
Misty P.
00:38 27 Mar 24
Fast and professional service. Russell was very knowledgeable and helpful. Very friendly and overall great service
Aubrey Eades
Aubrey E.
22:40 24 Mar 24
Shout out Anthony for being a king. Helped us in a lockout with no judgement and all good vibes. You rock rescue rangers!!!
Rice Flatpicking
Rice F.
02:11 22 Mar 24
Danny Pantoja was fantastic. Super friendly, and did an amazing job. Given that I was just hit by a person in a wreck, he made me feel less stressed out than before he arrived. He is truly an asset to your company, and I appreciate him. Thanks Danny! Sincerely, an old Marine.
Pamela OBanion
Pamela O.
16:07 19 Mar 24
I have never left a review before but I was so impressed with my service I just had to. My driver was Danny P. He went above and beyond. You just don’t find that anymore. Will recommend your company. Hope you realize what a good one you have there
Dominic Esposito
Dominic E.
23:21 18 Mar 24
Danny P is the man! Was super helpful and super kind! Cannot thank him enough for his help
Don G
Don G
00:49 18 Mar 24
Had the pleasure of meeting Danny P while using your service. He introduced himself immediately with a smile, assessed the situation, interacted with casual and friendly conversation all the while informing me of what he was doing and asking if I had any questions. I appreciated his professionalism and knowledge of his task. He is an asset to and great representative of your company as well as a benefit to your customers. Thank you Danny!
Ameer K
Ameer K
00:06 17 Mar 24
This place was excellent. The driver Russell took his time to look at my car and try to help me out before towing it to see if he could find what was wrong wt it. He was very knowledgeable and actually told me what was wrong wt it before mercedes got it and charged me 230$ to tell me the exact same thing. I recommend this place to everyone and you are very lucky if you get Russell as your tow truck driver.
Theresa Fallahi
Theresa F.
23:09 14 Mar 24
Danny P was fantastic, took care of the towing for my mother and he was so kind. Clean truck and great service
Nikki Rand
Nikki R.
22:45 14 Mar 24
Of course I found myself stranded 30 minutes away from home due to my car breaking down. (shocker) It’s usually such an inconvenience and frustrating moment but in this case i was very wrong! I reached out to Rescue Rangers for assistance. What followed turned an otherwise disheartening experience into a remarkably positive encounter, thanks to their tow truck operator, Danny P! From the moment Danny arrived, it was clear that he was not your average tow truck operator. His demeanor was exceptionally kind and thoughtful, bringing a lightness to an event that typically would weigh heavily on anyone's spirits. Danny's smile and laughter were genuinely contagious! It was as if his positive attitude and joy were a natural part of his being. He did not just perform his job; he provided comfort and a sense of security at a moment when I needed it the most! I will always be thankful for that. It's rare to encounter someone who radiates positivity in a way that he did! His presence alone made the entire situation of having my car break down seem less severe. There's something to be said about meeting individuals who remind you of the goodness in people, and Danny is one of those souls. His actions and attitude reflected a deep, inherent kindness that he was more than willing to share with me and everyone else! I would say that God definitely lives throughout his heart and soul, and that itself is a blessing. His ability to turn a negative situation into a positive experience was amazing! 5/5 stars! Thank you so much Danny P!
l.langley2538@gmail.com LL
04:46 10 Mar 24
Amber Ridge
Amber R.
00:02 07 Mar 24
Danny P was quick, kind, and efficient! Exactly the kind of human being you want helping you when you’re stuck on the side of the road. Would recommend his services to anyone who needed it!
Augustus Prymus
Augustus P.
22:54 05 Mar 24
Truly blessed and humbled to have met and had Danny P as my tow truck driver. Danny was courteous, professional and went above and beyond to make a stressful day a pleasant one. I appreciate the genuineness, positivity and real life conversations during the tow. There are not enough people in the world like him. Thank you Danny Pantoja.
Michelle Brooks
Michelle B.
16:26 03 Mar 24
I couldn’t say better things about Danny P. His customer service skills are amazing. He knew I had to go pick up my daughter and he took care of everything for me and got my car towed home. We need more people like Danny P..
Rana Robinson
Rana R.
20:27 29 Feb 24
My parents were in an accident, today. Danny P. from Rescue Ranger Towing really took good care of them. He got to them in a timely manner and was very professional. Thank you Danny P!
Dave Bringer
Dave B.
22:34 22 Feb 24
Danny P. Had great customer service skills. Too much to say Danny, your the best
Nancy Mollette
Nancy M.
22:37 15 Feb 24
Excellent service. Danny Pantoja was reasuring and kind. Truck interior is very clean.
hannah korosec
hannah K.
22:29 15 Feb 24
Danny Pantoja was fantastic! He is so kind, genuine and helpful. Truly a great person and also VERY good at his job! Experienced and knows what he is doing. I feel confident to call him with all my car issues in the future. He was so polite and genuinely helpful, not trying to get money out of us or anything. The BEST experience we have had with a tow- Danny P sets the bar high! He truly is the best of the BEST!
Sheila Curtsinger
Sheila C.
22:16 06 Feb 24
This was our first time using our AAA service since purchasing in 2023. So we weren’t sure what to expect. My alternator died on us on a busy Louisville road, next to the Watterson 264 ramp. Tensions were high, because vehicles were passing us and it was a little unnerving. But when our Rescue Ranger showed up, who was none other than “Danny P” the tensions disappeared. Danny was so friendly! He greeted us with a big smile and welcoming personality. We immediately felt better and he handled the situation like a pro. We were on our way home in no time. The ride to our home was very enjoyable, as Danny communicates, sharing God’s love in such a way that you just want to listen. I’ve read his reviews and I can say we “💯%”agree. “Danny” is a God-sent❣️He was a breath of fresh air at a time when it was much needed. When we arrived at our house, he offered to back my car inside the garage. I’m so very glad he did or my husband would have had to work on my car outside in the weather. It was amazing how he had no problem backing it in perfectly! Thank you “Danny” for your professionalism in your job AND your willingness to share God’s love with everyone you meet. You sure made our 1st experience “exceptional” Thank you so much Danny P❣️
Briana Linney
Briana L.
00:18 06 Feb 24
I utilized rescue ranger twice now through my AAA account; both times I was lucky enough to receive the same driver! Danny P from Rescue Rangers greeted me with kindness and was able reassure me during a stressful time that he would get the car where it needed to go. The second encounter I had he showed up one again kind, was self directed and compassionate. Thank you again for all that you do, especially during the cold weather!
breatte garrison
breatte G.
22:57 03 Feb 24
I have to say that K. Grant with Rescue Rangers is a life saver! I broke down an hour from home he came and towed my car all the way home and gave me a ride also. He was very friendly and very personable. He made a stressful situation so much easier!!

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