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Dennis Morton
Dennis M.
19:12 21 Sep 23
Excellent service. Was told by the friendly dispatcher that their tow truck would meet me within 30 minutes. About 20 minutes later, a very likeable Anthony popped out of his truck loading up my car. Nothing but praise for this operation, thank you.
Angela Kloss
Angela K.
13:38 05 Sep 23
This is the second time I've had to get a tow. Each time I needed a tow, a service I have assigned Rescue Rangers. I'm so happy they did. I ended up getting Justin, if I am remembering his name correctly, and he shows up when they say they will. He's very polite and helpful, and I honestly don't want to use any other tow company based on these two experiences because they've been so positive.
Gale Gentry
Gale G.
12:34 04 Sep 23
I am a 17-year AAA Plus member and have never had to use this service until yesterday evening.Had a flat tire, called AAA and they told me it would be 1.5 hours to get to me. About 15 minutes later they called and said they were on their way and would be at the location in 10 minutes.He arrived, accessed the problem, and changed the tire. I was very impressed with him.Driver was Scott J.He was very capable, professional and polite and I was “Totally Satisfied.”
John Fitzgerald
John F.
03:22 31 Aug 23
I was assigned Rescue Rangers after calling into AAA. Danny Pantoja towed my Lincoln to Goodyear for service after determining that he could not fix the problem. He was very professional. He arrived when expected and was able to address my issue. Working with Danny was an eye opening experience. We need more people with his skills and fantastic attitude in this business!
TD Miller
17:23 30 Aug 23
Martha Herp
Martha H.
17:28 29 Aug 23
Andre replaced the battery in my car in a knowledgeable, quiet, respectful manner, and he was a delight to talk with while he worked. Learned he knew my late father-in-law Mike Herp who ran a small service station in Louisville for years. Thanks, Andre, for brightening my day while getting my car back in running order. Have a great day yourself.
Jason Payment
Jason P.
19:57 27 Aug 23
Kim D.
Kim D.
22:47 24 Aug 23
Danny P was wonderful! Thank you for your help and tow!
Elizabeth Braden
Elizabeth B.
14:51 24 Aug 23
We had amazing service today! Kasey was timely, professional and did a fantastic job loading and unloading our vehicle. He was clearly very knowledgeable and we felt 100% confidence in entrusting our jeep to him. 10/10 recommend.
Mr. Fog
Mr. F.
18:35 16 Aug 23
Danny P was awesome!!!!! He came fast and was super friendly and even offered to take a look at our car after only calling for a tow
l k
l k
17:00 15 Aug 23
danny p was amazing!!! best service ever and super awesome dude! as two young women we felt safe and taken care of by his care, he assured us everything was going to work out because the situation had our nerves sky rocketed. awesome guy!!! super fast too!!! towed us like a pro, was able to park in the tight spot in the mechanic shop and wished us the best of luck!!! give this guy a bonus!!!
chelsea aviles
chelsea A.
16:58 15 Aug 23
danny was awesome ! fast and nice service 😁 thank you!
William TaylorJr
William T.
12:34 06 Aug 23
Lydia Meyer
Lydia M.
18:19 10 Jul 23
Fast, efficient, thorough and friendly
Paul Hardesty
Paul H.
01:54 09 Jul 23
Mekayla Oden
Mekayla O.
23:06 04 Jul 23
I recieved service from Danny Pantoja and he saved the day pulled up with a great attitude and got the job done with little effort just in time for Independence Day !!! Thanks Danny for all your help
Judy Disney
Judy D.
15:11 29 Jun 23
Joshua McConnell
Joshua M.
18:05 26 Jun 23
My truck broke down in a not so great spot on I64. Danny P showed up quickly, towed the truck up the shoulder to a better spot, turned it around, hooked back up, and towed it to my mechanic.We talked about life, kids, and just about everything else. He dropped my truck off and drove me home and allowed me to get to my sons baseball game!Dude is a true ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Thanks again, Danny P!
Sue Dotson
Sue D.
16:25 16 Jun 23
The service was impeccable. I had a sort of mix up with my accident. Rescue rangers 1st of all towed my car from the accident they allowed my car to stay stored there for about a month. Then the took it to the repair shop and I didn’t have to do anything. My two driver Danny was so helpful. I could not have gotten thru the process without him. My thanks to all!
Alex Le
Alex L.
02:36 14 Jun 23
Very fast service. Danny is awesome. Very friendly. Thanks for taking me home
Ultra Hook
Ultra H.
00:57 03 Jun 23
Suzie was a great help today and provided great customer service!
Rosemary Ray
Rosemary R.
17:43 30 Mar 23
Sam G. was my service technician. He changed my battery quickly so I wouldn't be stranded. He was very nice and easy to talk to about my new battery. Rescue Rangers does AAA proud.
Kelsey N
Kelsey N
23:30 27 Mar 23
We had a great experience with Rescue Rangers. They came and towed our car within 30 minutes of putting in a request. Anthony Padilla was friendly, efficient, and he made our experience awesome!
Connie Li
Connie L.
04:36 23 Feb 23
this is a big thanks to Daniel Pantoja for being a kind soul in my time of panic and a hero even in the pouring rain, he changed my tire and got me on my way quickly without allowing even a single drop of rain to fall on me. worth every star and some. Thank you so much!
Stephen Bufkin
Stephen B.
01:21 22 Feb 23
My dude Danny Pantoja (I think, handwriting isnt totally clear) was an EXCELLENT driver. He picked up my car like a pro and was off on his way within 5 minutes tops. He was incredibly charming and friendly, not to mention professional. Extremely polite. I can't tell you how impressed I was. I offered to tip him a twenty as it was all I had and he even refused it! He said it was his job as a Rescue Ranger and he wouldn't accept a gratuity. Simply because of Danny I will ALWAYS go to Rescue Rangers in the future.
Remington Crawford
Remington C.
00:44 01 Feb 23
Just had a tow from David P. and he's a fantastic guy. Not only very professional and very good at his job (I've had a lot of tows and worked with many tow truck drivers) but he was one of the most upbeat and pleasant drivers I've had the pleasure of working with. My vehicle was delivered quickly and safely.If they keep drivers like this employed they'll always have my business.
Krt Krt
Krt K.
18:30 26 Jan 23
Danny Pantoja has got to be the BEST tow truck operator you have on staff!! He was very prompt, works fast & efficient, cared more about our safety & wellbeing than anything else, & kindness was off the charts!!!! When we got to where we were towing the car we weren't sure if he was going to be able to maneuver the car into its spot but he did it with ease!! This man definitely deserves a raise!!!
Brianna Faye
Brianna F.
15:00 26 Jan 23
Got a tow through Triple A using rescue rangers and Anthony was my technician, super great guy, super quick and made the situation so easy! Cannot recommend enough :)) I would give them 10 stars if I could.
Mitzi Strasser
Mitzi S.
15:34 24 Jan 23
Andre McDonald did an excellent job of replacing my dead battery on a Sunday morning! He arrived within 20 minutes, carefully explained everything he was doing and what I needed. Mr. McDonald was very polite and super helpful! I really appreciate his work and highly recommend Rescue Rangers and Mr. McDonald!M. Strasser
Tom O'Hearn
Tom O.
00:57 24 Jan 23
I had battery problems and bought my battery through Rescue Rangers. Samuel Grady-the technician who performed the service-was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining what needed to be done and in a timely and friendly manner. Highly recommend their service.

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